2019_20 C.O.E. and P.A. Opening Day *Rescheduled*

Opening Day Sunday, October 27th at Legacy Stadium has been cancelled. 

The forecast for our Opening Day is calling for inclement not even the most positive outlook allows for an effective starting session. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

Tentative Make Up Date – March 1st – Stutler Bowl – Confirming with email in next 48 hours.


Positive Spin 

**Sometimes you stumble upon opportunities to fulfill past so called “phenomenal” ideas and this is one of those cases. We have wanted to do a Competition Day/Skills Challenge with the Center of Excellence and Performance Academy for over a decade and the moment has not ever presented itself in a better manner.

The March 1st make-up date will be used as a Competition Day between mirrored aged groups in different locations as well as between boys and girls in specific age groups. This session will be a technically challenging, individual, small group and team competition style session.  Play will not only provide a cohesion between all Center of Excellence players, but crown players in specific skills sets and small group games. This golden carrot at the end of the winter programs is another motivation feature that can be used to extracting pride, competitive perseverance and accountability it takes earn this honor.

This will be the inaugural Coerver Colorado Skills Showcase

A Chance to prove you are among the best of the best.

1st Wave of Center of Excellence Invites – In Process

We have started to send out the 1st wave of Center of Excellence Invites! Invites will be sent through email (Constant Contact) Please check your promotions part of the email as well to ensure you get the invite.

The team will continue to send out 1st wave invites through the rest of the week.

2nd Wave Center of Excellence Invites and Performance Academy Invites will go out on September 3rd.

Please send us an email with any questions.


Coerver Colorado’s Fall/Winter Programs are now open.

  1. FALL F.O.G. – Footwork & One v One Games – Starting September 13th.
    • Two Locations – Greenwood Village and Westminster 2) 5-3-1 Challenge
  2. 5_3_1 Challenge – BEST DAY OF SOCCER IN COLORADO –
    • Girls November 29th
    • Boys November 30th
    • 15% Discount before September 30th  – COUPON CODE – GOBBLE19 
  3. Holiday Camp – December 27th – 29th – Foothills Indoor


Understanding Stats – Summer Camps


Set up: A middle zone (4x4yds) is stocked with soccer balls for all 4 participants to share. Red Cones form the 4 areas in which participants follow. The first red cone is set 10 yards from the middle zone, while the second and last red cone is set 20 yards from the middle zone. To the left and right of the red cone (20yards away) are 2 target gates (Image shows gates in Blue and Yellow).  Each target gate is 2 yards wide and start 5 yards away on each side of the red cone.

Action: The players will start by dribbling from the middle towards the first red cone and try to pass the ball through the gate. Alternate gates and foot (Left Gate= Left Foot/ Right Gate= Right Foot)

Scoring: 4 players play at once. Remaining players stop the balls once they have crossed the goal line of the gate and return them to center zone. 1 point for each successful pass through its gate.


Set up:  Player starts behind the line and dribbles the ball in a Figure 8 around the two cones. To cones are set 10 yards apart.

Action: Each player will make 3, one minute, runs with different dribbling surface restrictions: Right foot, Left foot and Both feet. The score for each run is how many laps are done in .25 increments. If the player uses the wrong foot there is a ¼ point penalty for each time it is used.

Scoring: Record the total laps completed from all three runs. A score of 625 means a players dribbled around six and a quarter times.


Set up: Lines of cones are placed across the field at 3 yard intervals to create the alley (48yrds in Length). The alley is 5 yards wide and starts 9 yards from the service line. There are two, 2 yards wide, alleys on either side of the central alley.

Action: Groups are separated into 4 players who will do this assessment in sequential order. Everyone is to complete their first 4 turns using the right foot. Once all right foot drives have been recorded, players repeat the assessment using the left foot.

Scoring: Coach records in full 3 yard increments (A ball struck 23.5 yards is scored as a “21”). Balls landing short of the 9 yard mark score “0” Subtract 2 yards if the ball lands in the 1st side alley, 4 if it lands in the 2nd, 8 if outside the second. Consistency is a goal, with the best and average scores being very close and similar numbers for both feet.


Set up: Players take turns shooting at a goal. The velocity of the shot is measured with a radar gun in MPH.

Action: Groups are separated into 4 players who will do this assessment in sequential order. 1st player goes, the 2nd waits until the ball hits the net and a score is recorded prior to going. Everyone is to complete their first 4 turns using the right foot. Once all right foot shots have been recorded, players repeat the assessment using the left foot. Consistency is a goal, with the best and average scores being very close, and similar numbers for both feet.

5-3-1 CHALLENGE This is an activity we do Monday through Thursday.  Monday is used to learn the activity; the other days will be a competition. Each day the group plays 3 games, 5v5, 3v3 and 1v1. Each player on the winning team in each of the three segments gets 3 points (i.e. they can get as many as 9 points a day.) If there’s a tie in one of the segments, players get 1 point each for that segment. The player with the most points at the end of the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday competitions is the 5-3-1 Challenge champion.

JUGGLING PROGRESSION Our juggling progression consists of 12 levels. You will notice a score with 3 digits. The first number represents the current level. The following two numbers are the juggles completed within that level (Example: 326 is level 3 with 26 juggles)

2019 Summer 1st Week Camps Sold Out –

We have reached our max number for the first week of camp. Each of the camp below are sold out.

  1. Ken Caryl
  2. Golden Applewood
  3. Thornton

If you would like to get on the wait list for these camp please send email to coervercolorado@gmail.com.

Week 2 Camps are on the brink of being sold out as well.  Centennial and Aurora will be closed June 3rd.


FIELD CHANGE for – Greenwood Village F.O.G.

Greenwood Village Spring FOG will be moved from Village Greens Park to West Middle School.

2019 Spring F.O.G. is for players in levels U8-U13, with or without prior Coerver® experience. It consists of 5 sessions, on Friday’s, at West Middle School from 5:15 – 6:45 pm.

Session                     Date                          Time
 1                          April   12             5:15 – 6:45 pm
 2                         April   19             5:15 – 6:45 pm
 3                         April   26             5:15 – 6:45 pm
 4                         May   10                5:15 – 6:45 pm  
 5                         May    17             5:15 – 6:45 pm