Camp Info

Times and Locations

Camps will run from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Mighty Mites will attend from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Locations vary, and links to directions for each camp can be found on the Summer Camps page.

Weather Cancellation/Delays Hotline: 720-255-3672.

How Campers Are Placed In Groups

Our placement system, which we’ve now used for over 25,000 players. We are able to groups Campers into Teams with others of similar ability and experience. Please keep in mind that this is a skills camp, and a player who is much stronger or weaker than the others on a Team will not get the most out of the camp in that setting. Nor will the others in a Team with players of widely differing abilities.

Assignment begins by separating the campers by age into birth year age groups. Within their birth year players will be filtered by returning players and new players. The returning players will be sorted by their past benchmark skills tests, Coaches recommendations and Coerver True Scores  to be placed among peers with the closest set of benchmarks reached. New player will be sorted with their proper birth age as well as any coach recommendation received.

All players will have 5 evaluation points by 12:00 pm Monday morning to confirm and adapt each group as needed to ensure the tightest cohesion of skills sets.

NOTE: All changes will be made Monday, and in special cases players will be moved Tuesday Morning. Please understand we are doing this for the best results for all players, including yours. We request that you not ask Monday morning for switches.

Leading up to the Week

Days in our camps are active and follow a detailed curriculum down to the minute.

Players need adequate rest to recover for the next day’s activity. In recent years, players were injured doing other soccer activities after camp such as 3v3, fitness camps, etc. We cannot provide a refund if players are injured at such activities.

Additionally, days can be warm and proper hydration needs to begin several days before the start of camp. Heat also contributes to blisters; camp is not a good time to break in new shoes. If an injury or need arises, Coerver Colorado does have a certified trainer on staff and present at every camp.

Wednesday of camp is “Jersey Day,” when all are encouraged to wear their favorite soccer jerseys from around the world. Get one ready!

Camp Levels

The Coerver® Method is designed to teach and improve soccer skills. Coerver® programs are sequential; each level builds on mastery of the one before. Satisfactory completion of the Regular program is the normal prerequisite for acceptance into the Advanced camp. Without prior Coerver® Camp experience, the Advanced Camp is for players entering the U15 year or older. Exceptions are made only with the permission of the Camp Director.

Mighty Mites Camp Program

Our Mighty Mite camps are half-day programs for the 5-7 year olds. They feature fun games, basic skills and a positive introduction to the game. There are individual and team contests and a mini World Cup Competition.

Regular Camp Program

For boys and girls 8-16 yrs, new and returning players. The Regular program is designed to develop a “soft” first touch, “quick” feet, and confidence with the ball. It includes teaching many “Moves” to beat an opponent to the goal or to create time and space. Within the Regular Camp Program Coerver has 5 different curriculum to adapt all players skill levels and past knowledge of curriculum. Each level builds upon mastery of the previous curriculum fundamentals to continue to challenge and develop player’s skill sets.

**The tX-games scores from previous camps provide a vital role in placing each player in the appropriate group.

Advanced Camp Program

Minimum age is entering U15 for players who have not attended a Coerver Camp before. For boys and girls 13-18 yrs who are pursuing soccer careers at the High School and Collegiate level and beyond. This program is for players who have already developed the basic Coerver® skills and who use their “Moves” in games. This program teaches “Advanced Moves,” emphasizes pace, accuracy and timing of passes and runs, and seeks to increase “speed of play.” Much of the instruction is structured around the use of highly competitive small-sided games. The Advanced Program has a two part curriculum. The first does much of its training within the confines of the 3v3 situation; the second is built around 4v4 play.