PREPS (Girls)



Sharpen your skills, comfort with the ball, speed of play, “game smarts”, fitness and mental toughness as you get ready for High School tryouts and the Spring Season.

Each 2 hour session includes 90 minutes of on-the-ball Coerver® training featuring:

  • 1v1 activities to improve your offensive and defensive skill in this critical element of the game.
  • A series small group games which will challenge you to use your skills quickly and creatively under ever-increasing pressure.
  • Technical work on striking the ball and exercises to improve your finishing.
  • Exercises to develop a “Dynamic First Touch” that controls the ball quickly to the best place for your next play on the ball.
  • An emphasis on our list of Great Soccer Habits, the little things that make a big difference in a player’s ability to read and control a game.

Those 100 minutes will be challenging and fast-paced – great preparation for the physical demands of tryouts and the High School pre-season. Just as good for younger girls preparing for their spring season of State League play. Many of the activities will be things players can continue on their own during the season to maintain the sharpness of their skills even if that is not an emphasis of their school or club program.

The remaining 20 minutes will be focused on fitness, as you complete the exercises of the Santa Monica Sports Injury Prevention Program (PEP). Serious knee and ankle injuries are epidemic among female athletes and the PEP program is a proven method of reducing that risk.

Throughout the program we will focus on the “Qualities of A Great Athlete”, the choices they make which have such a great impact on individual performance.

Who it is for

For Girls Entering Grades 6-12

The Program was initially designed for girls in Grades 9-12 who were preparing for High School tryouts. We also made it available to girls in Grade 8. Since 2010 it has been open to 6th and 7th Grade girls as well to fill the gap in gender-specific training between our Center of Excellence and the original PREPS program. Teams within the program will be based on age and ability.

This program runs parallel with our T.O.P.S.S program for boys.


2023 PREPS consists of 5 sessions all located at Infinity Park from 10:00am to 12pm on Saturday Mornings.

  1. January 14th
  2. January 21st
  3. January 28th
  4. February 4th
  5. February 11th



The cost of the program is $185.00 for 5 sequential 2-hour sessions. Full payment must be made at time of registration.

In the past we allowed players to attend half the sessions for a discounted price, however, to ensure the success of the players development and growth in achieving the goals we’ve outlined for PREPS, we will just be putting forward the program of all 5 sessions.

Camp Info

Location: Infinity Park

Bring to sessions with you:

  • Ball – write name and phone number on it
  • Water bottle – can refill at camp
  • Shin guards- required to be worn at all times on the field


If you cancel between 1-13 days before the first day of your Camp, there is a $50 cancellation fee. Once a Camp begins there is no refund for a cancellation or withdrawal except in the case of an injury incurred at the Camp.