Performance Academy

Coerver® Coaching is about developing soccer players with great skills.

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Please note the Performance Academy is by Invite Only.

Goal Setting WorksheetStart Here

Instructions – The Center of Excellence and Performance Academy Goals expectations are the same.

Every Player Must Fill Out Goals Before October 27th!

Opening Day Schedule – October 27th

Time – (9:00 to 10:30 am  – Foothills Arena participants only)

Where – Stutler Bowl, Cherry Creek High School.

All sessions after October 27th will be at the Foothills Arena from 2:15 to 3:45 pm.

2019-2020 Full Schedule 
INFINITY PARK  (Friday’s)                                       1028 S Birch St  Glendale, CO 80246 FOOTHILLS ARENA  (Sunday’s)                                3608 S Kipling St Denver, CO 80235
Time Slot #1 (5:15pm – 7:15pm)  Time Slot #1 (2:15pm – 3:45pm)
1- October 25th 1- October 27th *Opening Day is at the Stutler bowl
2– November 1st 2- November 3rd
3- November 8th 3- November 10th
4- November 15th 4- November 17th
5- November 22nd 5-November 24th
6- December 6th 6-December 1st
7- December 13th 7-December 8th
8- December 20th 8- December 15th
9- January 3rd 9-December 22nd
10- January 10th 10- January 12th
11- January 17th 11-January 19th
12- January 24th 12-January 26th
13-February 2nd
14-February 9th
15-February 16th
16-February 23rd

What to expect at each session: 

  • Superior 1v1 Skills: the ability and confidence to take on and beat an opponent in a one-on-one situation, together with the poise to keep possession of the ball under strong defensive pressure. Players can expect some sort of one-on-one activity at every session.
  • A Dynamic First Touch: the skill and vision to place the ball with the first touch to a spot where it can be played again quickly and productively with a variety of body parts. This is found in every session.
  • Accuracy and Powerful Shooting: with several surfaces of either foot. The main focus of the shooting drills will be with the WEAK FOOT.
  • Mastery of the Small Group Situations (2v1, 3v1, 3v2, etc.) which are the building blocks of team play. Turing series drills will be a focus as well as attaching 3v2 2v1 situations.

Whatever an athlete’s potential, great skills are the foundation for achieving it. Each and every player should have the opportunity to develop magical skills.

2019-2020 Age Groups

The Performance Academy program is for players born in years 2008 – 2004. It provides in depth Coerver training that is systematic and sustained over time, with a focus on developing the essential skills for an athlete’s future in The Game.


The Performance Academy curriculums will be competitive in the original sense of the word – “striving with”, not “striving against”. Players learn that the ultimate team player uses his or her own best efforts both to get better and to challenge teammates to improve as well. That idea is one example of the emphasis on developing the character traits found in the most successful athletes. After all, it’s the Life Lessons you learn through sports that will be more enduring, and are therefore are more important, than anything you’ll learn about soccer.

The Performance Academy will use our Levels V, IV and III curriculums. It builds on and enhances the players’ footskills, 1v1 proficiencies, and abilities to strike and control the ball with not only the strong foot,  but the main focused will be on the weak foot. The three curriculum cycle features a systematic approach to recognizing and solving the small-group situations (from 2v1 to 5v5) that are the building blocks of team play.

  • Level V devotes significant time on individual’s ability to face up a defender on the first touch launching ways that a pair of players can combine to beat an opponent in possession under pressure.
  • Level IV devotes significant time to ways that players in groups of three can combine to beat opponents and begins to develop the ability to play with “back to pressure.” In addition, players will be asked to learn and demonstrate our Great Soccer Habits.
  • Level III applies the ability to recognize and solve situations in 2’s and 3’s (including the use of the “individual option”) to play under the challenge of ever-increasing pressures of time, space, and number of players.  Sessions will be demanding and competitive.

Pricing and Registration

The cost of the Performance Academy program is $545.

Initial Payment

To reserve a spot for your child, a deposit of $325 is required.

  • Pay online – Log on or create an account click here

Balance Payments Due Date: December 1st – If Balance Payment is not made by December 2nd. Coerver Colorado will charge the remaining balance due for the C.O.E. with card on file.

Bring to sessions with you:

  • Ball – write name and phone number on it
  • Water bottle – can refill at the facility
  • Shin guards- required to be worn at all times on the field

Cancelation Policy

A $325 fee will be processed with cancellations made before the first day of camp. Any cancellations made after the program begins will not be refunded except in the case of an injury sustained at the camp.