The Culture of Coerver Colorado

“Culture” is defined as “the way WE do things HERE.” The culture of Coerver Colorado camps, clinics and activities is built on a number of things, large and small, that set us apart. The following icons of our culture are critical to making our programs challenging and fun, so that athletes are always wanting more.

Mindset I: Let’s Get Better Every training session, including mornings and afternoons in the Camps, should begin with these words. Our staff always ask the athletes to make the maximum effort, continue to learn and improve, and be bold.

Mindset II: This is hard. This is Fun. So that campers finish the sessions not just with objectively better abilities, but with an attitude that will seek and welcome the challenges they’ll see in the year ahead.

Mindset III: Mistakes Are Good; Struggle Makes You Strongerplayers who are being bold will make mistakes. “Doers make mistakes” and such mistakes are often the best way to get better. There is no higher form of praise than “Great Mistake!

Mindset IV: What you learn at Coerver makes you different from other players. Use that difference to make a difference, not just here but in all your soccer play.

OH!!  This is a challenge to encourage clever, creative and especially outrageous play with the ball, play that demonstrates “spontaneity and daring”. With the first touch, when dribbling, passing, or shooting. Players have total freedom with the ball.  Score is kept by the coach as follows: 1. “Oh”  2. “OH” 3. “OH MY!!!” In just a few minutes with this challenge, you should see players shaking off the chains of safe, conventional play. 


One of the most important elements of having a relentlessly positive culture with your Team is to make sure that players leave training and games with replenished “emotional tanks”.

At the end of the day, and maybe at the end of your morning activities as well, our coaches take time for an exercise called “Spotlighting” (courtesy Dr. Bruce Brown of NAIA). Here a player spotlights some achievement of a teammate, then that teammate spotlights another, etc. We are particularly interested in getting players to recognize and reward examples of the seven qualities.

This usually goes about 6-8 deep, but often goes further. Alternately, players can ask to be recognized to spotlight teammates.