TOPSS (Boys)

Taking On, Possession, Shooting & Scoring

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In watching a number of games recently, we’ve noticed several things. Few teams seem to be able to string three or more passes together (we counted just six times for two Premier I teams during one 35 minute half.) Few players seem willing to string three or more touches together. Play is at 100 mph, all the time, with minimal nuance or subtlety. And shooting technique is often weak and therefore ineffective.

This program, five 2-hour sessions, is designed for players in Grades 6-12, with players grouped into teams based on age and ability. The curriculum is specifically aimed at addressing those areas which are so important to players’ advancement to higher levels of The Game:

Each 2 hour session includes 90 minutes of on-the-ball Coerver® training featuring:

  • 1v1 – to improve attacking and defensive skills in that critical element of The Game.
  • Possession – the ability to hold the ball under pressure coupled with the decision-making ability that recognizes when to play at speed, when to play with patience.
  • We’ll use a series of small group games which challenge players to use skills quickly, creatively and with “Game Smarts” under ever-increasing pressure.
  • Technical work on striking the ball and exercises to improve finishing

Most of each session will be in competitive situations which will reward play that is bold and fearless. Sessions will be high paced.

Throughout the program we will also focus on the “Qualities of A Great Athlete”, the choices they make which have such a great impact on individual performance.

Who it is for

For Boys entering Grades 6-12

Taking On, Possession, Shooting & Scoring, teaches the essential elements of higher level play.

This program runs in parallel with our Pre-Season PREPS program for older girls.


2023 T.O.P.S.S consists of 5 sessions all located at Infinity Park from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday Mornings.

  1. January 14th
  2. January 21st
  3. January 28th
  4. February 4th
  5. February 11th



The cost of the program is $185.00 for 5 sequential 2-hour sessions. Full payment must be made at time of registration.

In the past we allowed players to attend half the sessions for a discounted price, however, to ensure the success of the players development and growth in achieving the goals we’ve outlined for T.O.P.S.S, we will not discount prices for missed sessions and highly recommend players to attend all 5 sessions.

Camp Info

Location: Infinity Park

Bring to sessions with you:

  • Ball – write name and phone number on it
  • Water bottle
  • Shin guards- required to be worn at all times on the field


If you cancel between 1-13 days before the first day of your Camp, there is a $50 cancellation fee. Once a Camp begins there is no refund for a cancellation or withdrawal except in the case of an injury incurred at the Camp.

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