Spring F.O.G

What is Spring FOG

Our FOG program is designed to provide players with a fun, engaging, and challenging soccer environment during the fall season. This program focuses on developing players technical skills, game understanding, and love for soccer.

2023 Fall F.O.G. is for players in levels U7-U14, with or without prior Coerver experience. Groups will be constructed based on skill level, age and past Coerver experience.

Session Focus

Each session’s warm-up kicks off with footwork exercises to improve foot speed and comfort with the ball. Warm-ups will also focus on some of the dozens of ball moves that we teach at Coerver.

Using those moves becomes a major component in the rest of the session. Different one-on-one games will be used to isolate specific elements of 1v1 play. Then we’ll take one of those games and expand it to 2v2 and 3v3 – but always with an emphasis on the individual option.

FOG programs also include technical work each session on striking the ball, to increase power and accuracy with both feet.

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Greenwood Village F.O.G

Greenwood Village

Westminster F.O.G