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What is PA?
Who is PA for?

The Performance Academy is built to provide a fearless environment for players to develop the needed mental and physical qualities of a great athlete patiently, systematically and in depth over time in the most challenging environment.

The Performance Academy is a soccer program designed for players who are high achievers, who enjoy challenge and competition, who love the game and put a high priority on soccer with a teachable spirit.

The only path to the 23/24 Performance Academy is a coach’s recommendation from the 2023 Summer Camp. Senior coaching staff evaluates players based on the standards from the previous section. Top-performing players in our benchmark skills test, the tXgames, are also considered.

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Player Commitment
Team Commitment
Mistake Based Training

Players will dive into a systematic and in depth curriculum with the focus of developing fundamental skills through the series of training activities centralized on enhancing skills sets from the Proficiency (“I can use this”) then Mastery (“I can make a difference with this”) to the ultimate goal of Automaticity (“It just happens!! And I made a difference).

Teams consist of 12-16 players, tailored for optimal session engagement. Commitment is paramount. As expressed by 1991 World Champion Tracey Bates Leone, players owe dedication to both themselves and their teammates. Absences can impede team growth. Given the demands on young players' time, those unable to attend at least 75% of sessions should consider the commitment of others.

Skills need to be done slowly at first, then faster - “Do it right, then do it fast.” - but be sure to ask players to “Now go faster.” Build up the speed – have players do 5 or 6 reps of the skill as quickly as possible - until the technique breaks down. Back off the speed a level or two, then start to build up the speed again.

If you're interested, click below to read more on the Performance Academy program.

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Are YOU Ready to Start?

The cost for a year’s PA program is $ 595.00. That includes the training sessions, an Adidas Coerver® Performance Academy uniform (New Design) (shirt and shorts)

PLEASE FILL OUT CORRECT SIZES ON YOUR REGISTRATION to allow for efficient jersey distribution.

Questions and Comments - Coerver Colorado’s Performance Academy is a demanding programs and your suggestions are welcome as we want always improve. As it’s said,“Let’s Get Better”. Please let us know what you think by calling 720-255-4911 or an email to