Our Mission

Section 1


  • Develop Skilled, Confident And Creative Players
  • Make The Game Fun To Practice And Play
  • Teach Good Sportsmanship And Respect For All
  • Value Winning But Not More Than Character And Performance
  • Provide A Safe and Educational Experience

Our Coaches and Curriculum

Our coaches are constantly being trained, as our curriculum continues to evolve when new games and exercises are introduced by Coerver® Coaches, from all over the world.

Over three decades of cooperative curriculum development has provided us the opportunity to finely-tune our methods for incorporating skills into competitive environments, while building player confidence along the way. The difficulty of the moves we teach and the intensity of the competition increases at each program level.

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  • A Dynamic First Touch - the skill and vision to place the ball with the first touch with either foot to a spot where it can be played again quickly and productively. (This is trained in every session.)
  • Accuracy and Power with either foot when striking a ball, and the ability to use several surfaces of both feet in controlling the ball.
  • Superior 1v1 Skills - the ability and confidence to take on and beat an opponent in a one-on-one situation, the poise to keep possession of the ball when under strong defensive pressure, and the skill when individually defending to shut down the artful attacker. Coerver Colorado uses some sort of one-on-one activity in every session. This produces players of remarkable skill and confidence when facing the individual duels that so often determine the outcome of a match.
  • Mastery of the Small Group Situations (2v1, 3v1, 3v2, etc.) that are the building blocks of team play.
  • Mastery of the Great Soccer Habits, the little things great players do that make a big difference on the field and form the basis for a player’s Sense of the Game (a.k.a. “game smarts”).
  • An Appreciation of the Competitive Process – learning to make the maximum effort at practice as well as in games, both to make yourself better and to challenge your teammates to be at their best
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Teach skills and they will play a lifetime