Coerver® Method

The Coerver® Method has been acclaimed to be the World’s finest soccer skills teaching method. It is a complete soccer education program which basis its’ methodology on our “PYRAMID OF PLAYER DEVELOPMENT”. The foundation of that pyramid is “Ball Mastery”. For without ball mastery, one cannot play an effective game of soccer. Imagine, not being able to control the ball when delivered to your feet or not being able to deliver the ball to your teammate’s feet.

No other soccer teaching method has been recommended and endorsed by such an array of National soccer federations, Professional clubs and so many of the World’s greatest players.

Coerver® Coaching is a complete soccer education program. Our camps and programs are designed to concentrate on individual skills. We group the players first by age, then by ability. We try to make each player feel comfortable with his/her surroundings. We have found that if a camper is comfortable, then he/she is better willing and able to deal with the camp material.

What sets the Coerver® Method apart from all other programs is that our Method uses “match related” drills to develop “quick feet” and a “soft first touch” as the foundation of our “moves” to beat an opponent or to create time and space. These skills appear simple, but each skill requires a high degree of “Ball Mastery.” Our intent is to challenge every player to improve their skills to the extent of their own ability.

Pyramid of Player Development

Ball Mastery: 1 player 1 ball. Repetition ball control exercises with both feet.
Receiving/Passing: Exercises and games to improve 1st touch, so important at all levels, and to encourage accurate and creative passing.
Moves 1v1: Exercises and games that teach game winning individual moves and create space against packed defenses.
Speed: Exercises and games to improve agility, acceleration and power with and without the ball.
Finishing: Exercises and games that improve technique and encourage instinctive play around the goal.
Group Attack: Exercises and games that improve small group play with an emphasis on Fast Break Attacks.


“Teach skills and they will play a lifetime”

Coerver® Colorado provides the finest in-depth soccer skills training. Building on the world-renowned Coerver Method, our camps and other programs represent the cutting edge of player training and development. Coerver Colorado programs are devoted to promoting superior 1v1 skills, a dynamic first touch, accuracy and power when striking the ball, mastery of the small group situations which are the building blocks of team play and effective soccer habits. All Coerver Colorado programs follow a detailed, written curriculum, filled with activities which are proven to be challenging, effective, and enormously fun.

Marcelo “Chelo” Curi is Director of Colorado’s Coerver® Camps. A teammate of Pele and Franz Beckenbauer with the New York Cosmos, Chelo came to Colorado with the Major Indoor Soccer League’s Colorado Avalanche. His distinguished coaching career includes the men’s soccer team at Regis College (1978-89), boys and girls State Cup champions and numerous Olympic Development teams. He also served as the FIFA Team Liaison for Argentina’s National Team at the 1994 World Cup and 1996 Olympics.

Coaching Dynamics

The Staff

The core of the staff are Nationally Licensed Coaches who coached in the Olympic Development Program during that era when Colorado players were being selected to Regional and National teams in large numbers. (While some coach teams at the Club level, our program is strictly “club neutral”. It will not be a venue for scouting or player recruitment, either by coaches or parents. Its focus will be fully on developing the talents of already talented players.) As the program has grown, we have brought in coaches from many clubs. We also use, as assistants and “Big Brother / Big Sister” role models, high school players who have grown up with Coerver®.

Barriers to Skills Training

Despite its importance, sustained and systematic skills training is not often found in youth sports, soccer included.

Many coaches – including those who may themselves have strong skills – have not learned to teach them effectively. U.S. Soccer has recently revised the state level programs for licensing coaches (the “F”, “E” and “D” courses) after discovering that candidates for the National Coaching License couldn’t teach skills. A further challenge for coaches is to maintain the patience and perseverance that successful skills training requires.

But another barrier, perhaps the greater one, is related to increasing pressures to win more and more at earlier and earlier ages. This easily leads to the trap of “winning today (at the sacrifice of tomorrow.)” Here you see training that prioritizes team organization and player development over team environments where a fear of mistakes stifles boldness and creativity. At its worst, excessive focus on the scoreboard promotes over-training scenarios, substituting quantity for quality in ways that too often put players’ progress at risk, or in reverse.

Toward Better Coaching

We hope that this program and our staff will be able to benefit far more players than those who are actually enrolled. Selected COE sessions for each age group are designed as “Bring Your Coach” sessions where coaches of COE participants can see what the players are learning, and take the Coerver® ideas and activities back to their teams and clubs. Coerver® has become the standard by which soccer skill development is measured in Colorado.

“Skillful Players First”

“Teach skills and they will play a lifetime.” Our coaches understand that soccer skills training is important in two respects. It gives players the tools for life long enjoyment of The Game. Then, for those who aspire to higher levels of play, their skills become the most important component in achieving the Vision of Greatness that is found in an athlete’s highest competitive potential. The best player development models emphasize “Skillful Players First”.

Coerver Endorsements

Coerver Coaching has been endorsed by professional athletes and coaches all over the world. We are proud to offer a program that is so highly acclaimed in the soccer realm. To view some of the endorsements that Coerver has received, please visit the link below:

Click here to see Coerver’s endorsements.

Please visit each camp/program page(s) for more information. If you have a question that still is not answered, please feel free to email us at coervercolorado@gmail.com or call us at 720-255-4911 or 720-255-3672