The 5-3-1 Challenge

The 5-3-1 Challenge is a unique, fast-paced soccer competition that provides a wonderful tests of players’ skills, creativity and ability to handle the small group situations which are the building blocks of team play.

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The Best Day of Soccer ALL Year

Express yourself this Thanksgiving at Coerver's 5_3_1 Challenge. Show off your first touch, explosive play and become a take on artist. Gather your friends and teammates to participate in this FUN filled COMPETITIVE environment. Players will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone and influence the game with their small group and 1v1 attacking skills.


ROSTERS - Friends and Teammates form the teams. Official coaches are not required as we have had parent coaches in the past.

MATCH DAY - Teams of 6-8 players play a series of 40 minute matches. Each match consists of an 18 minute 5v5 game, an 10 minute 3v3 game and a series of six 1v1 duels in The Pit. Teams, U9-U15, play a minimum of 4 matches, all on a single day. (Parents love that!)

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  • Log into your Coerver Colorado account (or create a new account). You will be prompted to select a player from your account or create a new player.
  • When registering for a program, select the 5-3-1 Challenge. On the camp section, select your teams challenge day (girls or boys). The team manager will then fill out the required player information for the team and then move to the check section to finalize the payment.
  • Please note that the person in charge of the account will become the team manager who is responsible for receiving future emails on behalf of the team as well as providing the team roster form.


DATE: November 24th



DATE: November 25th


  • Download and fill out the teams roster. Then email roster to
  • Note: 1- We ask that teams choose a holiday themed name for the challenge. 2- Signatures are not required until check in. Initially, we need each players full name and birthday.

Past 5-3-1 Challenge Champions

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