The Winter Programs

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About the Winter Programs

Coerver Colorado offers a variety of soccer programs throughout the year. Their winter programs are perfect for players who want to keep their skills sharp during the off-season. Indoor facilities ensure the programs continue regardless of the weather conditions. The winter programs include 531 Challenge, FOG, PREPS, TOPPS and Holiday.


Winter PREPS: Designed exclusively for U13-U17 girls, Coerver Colorado's Winter PREPS program sharpens soccer skills, enhances ball control, and prepares young athletes for High School tryouts and the Spring Season. Dive into specialized training sessions and get ready to stand out on the field.

Winter TOPSS: Tailored for U13-U17 boys, the Winter TOPSS program at Coerver Colorado emphasizes quick skill application, technical prowess, and game speed. Equip yourself with the tools to excel in High School tryouts and dominate the Spring Season.

Holiday Camp

Discover the enriching Holiday Camps at Coerver Colorado, designed to sharpen young players ball skills and techniques in a dynamic environment. Our camps cater to players ranging from U8-U16, ensuring personalized attention regardless of prior Coerver® experience. Dive into a series of fast-paced small-sided games, focusing on 1v1 challenges and enhancing ball control. Additionally, participants will benefit from technical training, emphasizing powerful and accurate ball striking. Register today and elevate your soccer prowess this holiday season

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The 5-3-1 Challenge

Experience the thrill of soccer with Coerver Colorado's 5-3-1 Challenge. This unique competition tests players' skills, creativity, and teamwork in fast-paced matches. From 5v5 games to intense 1v1 duels, participants get to showcase their prowess and step out of their comfort zones. Perfect for U9-U15 teams, it's the ultimate soccer challenge this Thanksgiving. Register now and make your mark!

Winter F.O.G

Dive into specialized soccer training with Coerver Colorado's 2023 Winter F.O.G. program. Focused on one-on-one skills, this program emphasizes individual attacking, defending, and footwork exercises. Each session incorporates foot speed enhancement, ball comfort, and technical work on striking the ball. Perfect for players aiming to master the essentials of soccer, the F.O.G. program offers a comprehensive approach to player development. Join now and refine your soccer skills.

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